Elden Ring: where to find the lightning scorpion amulet

Similar to the Lightning Clutch Ring in Dark Souls 3, the Elden Ring Lightning Scorpion amulet enhances lightning attacks in exchange for vulnerability.

The Lightning Scorpion Amulet is a talisman in Elden Ring that increases the power of lightning attacks by 12%, but increases the physical damage taken by 10%. While the damage negation debuff is significant, most lightning spells in the lands in between are long range, which means that faded spellcaster builds will find the Talisman’s disadvantage …

TLOTR – Rings of Power: Do Three Sorcerers Become Ghost Rings?

The defeat of these mysterious villains seems to hint at them becoming members of the Nazgul, but are they?

Perhaps some of the most iconic and infamous villains from the Lord of the Rings movies are the Nazgul, the ghost ring. These servants of Sauron ride around deep into the night wearing black cloaks. But beneath the layers of earthly appearance, their spiritual form takes on a white skeletal figure, visible through the ghostly veil of worlds, as Frodo …

Dark Souls 3: The 5 Best Rings in the Game

1 Favor Ring

Increases max health by 3-6%, stamina by 8.5-11.5% and equipment load by 5-8%.
Increasing stamina with a ring is good enough, but Ring of Favor does so much more. This single ring increases health, stamina, and maximum equipment load without any penalty.

Normally it increases the player’s health by 3%, stamina by 8.5%, and equipment load by 5%. However, the +2 variant increases this to 6% health, 11.5% max stamina, and 8% increase in equipment load. …

The Best Amulets to Use in the Elden Ring Game

In Elden Ring, even the tiniest piece of equipment can turn the tide of battle. Accessories, better known in the game as talismans, are pieces of equipment that enhance certain characteristics. Some enhance your denial of certain types of attacks, while others make the game a lot harder for you by causing enemies to become aggressive or increasing the damage they take. If you want to make your life in the game easier, be sure to pay attention to …

Lucky Amulets in Games from Around the World

Do you believe in lucky charms? Many people do, and there are many good reasons for that. Lucky charms have been used for centuries by many generations of gamblers.

In this article, we will discuss the history of good luck symbols and how they are used by casino players around the world. We will also give some tips on choosing and finding “your” amulet, so sit back, we’re about to begin!

The origin of gambling amulets and their use …

On What Finger Should You Wear a Ring to Attract a Luck

Many believe that each thing has a special energy, it can be both positive and negative. Those who know the important rules know how to attract the right vibrations – they are accompanied by luck everywhere, so they easily achieve their goals. It is always important to pay attention to detail. A person’s life can be affected even by the finger on which he wears a ring.


If you want to improve your health, then …

Do-it-yourself – Lucky amulet for money: the subtleties of making a talisman

The main thing in this case is the right attitude. This is the most important thing in this case, the most important thing is to have the right attitude. But it is considered that of natural materials and stones with magical properties amulets are more effective. For example, an amulet for money and good luck with your own hands at home is made from dried plants and old coins. If you think that a purchased amulet, no matter how …

Lucky talisman, four-leaf clover

Four Leaf Clover
Several centuries ago, the Irish four-leaf clover became a symbol of happiness and good fortune. Its petals are believed to represent faith, hope, love and success.

Celtic priests believed that wearing trefoil helped when evil spirits approached and gave time to escape them. The four-leaf clover had even greater magical power. It was a powerful talisman for good luck, able to drive away misfortune and bestow good luck. The first mention in literature of the miraculous …