Dark Souls 3: The 5 Best Rings in the Game

1 Favor Ring

Increases max health by 3-6%, stamina by 8.5-11.5% and equipment load by 5-8%.
Increasing stamina with a ring is good enough, but Ring of Favor does so much more. This single ring increases health, stamina, and maximum equipment load without any penalty.

Normally it increases the player’s health by 3%, stamina by 8.5%, and equipment load by 5%. However, the +2 variant increases this to 6% health, 11.5% max stamina, and 8% increase in equipment load. These rather substantial bonuses increase the base stats, making them a great choice for almost every build in the game.

2 Carthus Bloodring

Increases the number of invisibility frames from 13 to 17 for a 30% reduction in absorption.
There are three methods players can use to reduce damage in Souls Series. Players can choose to block incoming damage at the expense of stamina, dodge attacks at the expense of less stamina, or completely parry a hit to significantly increase damage. Because so few enemies in Dark Souls 3 can be parried, most players choose to roll attacks instead.

Rolling comes with invulnerability frames or “I-frames.” which allow players to roll aggressively at enemies. Carthus Bloodring simplifies this task by increasing the I-frames of quick and medium evasion from 13 to 17 frames. This is a significant increase, but it also causes players to take 30% more damage from hits. As long as the player is confident in his dodging ability, the Carthus Bloodring makes PvE and PvP much easier and increases the chance that he will not take damage from an attack.

3 Hornet Ring

Increases damage from critical attacks by 30%.
If it weren’t for its inconsistent nature in PvE, the Hornet Ring would easily be the strongest ring in Dark Souls 3 . This ring gives a huge 30% increase in damage for critical attacks without any drawbacks.

Players who take PvP often either love or hate this ring for its dramatic effect on damage dealt. Characters who deal serious damage per hit can instantly kill invaders with one critical hit using this ring. Unfortunately, it only affects targets that can be stabbed in the back in PvE. In fact, this means that the Hornet Ring affects the four bosses from Dark Souls 3 and a small group of enemies. For PvP, this ring is a must-have.

4 Chloranthy Ring

Increases the stamina recovery rate by + 7-10 points per second.
For builds that consume stamina quickly, consider using the chloranthy ring. The +3 option gives an extra ten stamina regeneration points per second. Since the base stamina regeneration rate in Dark Souls 3 is 45, getting ten extra stamina regenerations is a significant boost. Chloranti’s ring also stacks with the Grass Ridge Shield and Green Flowers. It also seems to reduce all stamina regeneration lag associated with rolling, running, or attacking.

Stamina is key to survival in Dark Souls 3 due to the abundance of fast attacks. Dodging between enemy attacks before striking back will require a huge amount of stamina from any build. Virtually every build that uses edged weapons can benefit from this ring, although characters who use heavy weapons with long stamina recovery delays will benefit the most.

5 Sage Ring

Reduces the time it takes to cast spells at the expense of artificial dexterity (+ 30-40).
Dark Souls 3 has seen major changes to magic, the most notable of which is the return of FP. Players must spend the equivalent of mana to use spells instead of the charge-based system of the last two games.

This makes customization much more important than it used to be. Unfortunately, it means that Dexterity has fewer points so that spells can be cast faster. This is where the Sage Ring comes to the rescue. This ring gives the player speed equivalent to 30 Dexterity, which is boosted to 40 Dexterity in the +2 variant. This is a must for any build that casts spells frequently and does not have a high Dexterity score.