Do-it-yourself – Lucky amulet for money: the subtleties of making a talisman

The main thing in this case is the right attitude. This is the most important thing in this case, the most important thing is to have the right attitude. But it is considered that of natural materials and stones with magical properties amulets are more effective. For example, an amulet for money and good luck with your own hands at home is made from dried plants and old coins. If you think that a purchased amulet, no matter how beautiful it is, can’t help, then the thing made with your own hands and with the right thoughts will definitely bring its fruit.

Fortunate special necklace with your own hands

In order to make an amulet for good luck with your own hands at home, it is important to remember your mood. You must not create such a thing if you are sick, irritated or tired. Your state will leave a trace on the amulet, and it will work incorrectly or to your detriment. For a start, have patience and light energy. Take a walk in the fresh air, relax, and only then get to work. Create an amulet for good luck at home can anyone. For example, you can make a wooden horseshoe in the house. Take untreated material, because chemical reagents interfere with the transfer of energy. It is also possible to put a pattern on the wood, such as runes or clover.

Another option – make a good luck charm out of paper. If you are a child who loved origami, this method will cheer you up. An ordinary bird from paper, placed on your workplace, will attract luck and good luck.

Some believe that amulets should always be carried with you. Therefore, good luck charms on the arm are well sold in all esoteric stores. In Sunlight, too, you can find bracelets in silver and gold with the signs of infinity, clover and acorn, with Slavic and Scandinavian symbols. As a decoration can be used coins or knots. However, you can create an amulet for good luck at home using the simplest thread. Choose two colors – give preference to green (color of life) and yellow (sun). You can imagine that a person will be deprived of the possibility of making a pilgrimage to your home. Our ancestors believed that such an intertwined ornament will protect you from evil spirits and attract good luck. The symbol helps to purify the energy and direct it in the right direction.

Money amulet do it yourself

Also, we will help you to make amulet for money with your own hands at home. The amulet must perform the function of protection: from theft, the evil eye or any negative. The easiest way to make an “imperial coin”:

  • Choose an old coin and place it on a piece of scarlet cloth on a full moon.
  • Don’t forget to ask for the coin to protect you from property theft.
  • Tie the coin in the fabric with green thread to make a bag.
  • Hide the amulet in a place that only you will know.

Do not forget that amulets have their period of validity. They absorb negative energy, so they lose their magical abilities. If a thing is lost or broken – it is a sign that it is time to make a new amulet.

Make a money amulet or talisman for yourself is not so difficult, it is more important to tune in to the money wave. In the case of long use, they gain power, interacting with the energy of the owner. Therefore, if you make an amulet to attract money with your own hands, it will work for a long time. For such a thing you need:

  1. Sew a small pouch of fabric in brown shades.
  2. Choose the “right stones”, they are rhodonite, tiger’s eye, citrine, jasper, etc.
  3. Now you need to add herbs. Ideally, if you collect and dry them yourself. Magical plants include: grapes, clover, geraniums, etc.
  4. Collect everything in a bag, add a couple of drops of essential oil – sandalwood, cinnamon or cedar, to fasten the amulet.
  5. You can add a Chinese coin – a symbol of the chosen purpose of the amulet.
  6. Tie the pouch with a ribbon and hide it in a secluded corner, but so that it is always somewhere near you.

Attract money and special “magic things”. Therefore, if you do not want to make yourself a talisman to attract money, then use proven, such as: old playing cards, horseshoes, a purse mouse, an acorn and a scarab beetle.

Making an amulet Hand of Happiness with your own hands

The famous amulet “Hand of Happiness”, also known as “Hamsa”, is used in almost all countries. It is an open symmetrical palm with five fingers, in the center of which is sometimes located an eye (in the Muslim religion), the star of David (in Judaism) or drawing in the form of a flower or elephant. In the Christian religion, the palm means the hand of God, which protects and guides. We have prepared a master class for making a talisman of the hand of happiness, so you, too, carry this valuable thing with you:

  • Prepare the material from which you want to make a talisman. You can use dark felt as a background.
  • Fix the material on an embroidery frame and draw the shape with chalk. It is simple to draw a symmetric hand, but if you can not do it, use a stencil.
  • Use thread or beads to fill the amulet. Embroider starting from the outline. You can use an oblong rhinestone or a bead if you want to make an “eye” in the middle of the palm.
  • When you finish, remove the amulet from the frame and carefully cut it to the outline.
  • You can glue a safety pin on the back side and fasten the amulet on your clothes or bag.