Elden Ring: where to find the lightning scorpion amulet

Similar to the Lightning Clutch Ring in Dark Souls 3, the Elden Ring Lightning Scorpion amulet enhances lightning attacks in exchange for vulnerability.

The Lightning Scorpion Amulet is a talisman in Elden Ring that increases the power of lightning attacks by 12%, but increases the physical damage taken by 10%. While the damage negation debuff is significant, most lightning spells in the lands in between are long range, which means that faded spellcaster builds will find the Talisman’s disadvantage insignificant. The positive effect of the Lightning Scorpion amulet applies to all forms of lightning-related damage, including spells, ashes of war, and enhanced weapon attacks. In addition, the Talisman’s damage increase stacks with the combination of Miracle Medicine and Cracked Tear covering lightning.

To obtain the Lightning Scorpion amulet in the Elden Ring, Faded Travelers must explore the Windham Catacombs, a dungeon north of the Windham ruins on the Altus Plateau. To reach this location, players can climb the north slope next to Erdtree-Gazing Hill or access the entrance to the ridge from the grace section of the Sitewater River. Keep in mind that the Dungeon doorway is half-hidden in the shadow of the mountainside, so it can be quite difficult to see at a glance. Once inside, adventurers can activate the Place of Grace and prepare to dive into the catacombs of Wyndham.

Starting at the Place of Grace Dungeon, turn right near the locked room with the boss to meet the elevator leading to the lower level of the area. Be careful, as there is a lightning bolt trap in the elevator door. Descend deeper into the crypt to reach the blade trap chamber guarded by two demons throwing lightning pots. A third demon will hang over the entrance to the next corridor.

How to get the Lightning Scorpion amulet in Elden Ring

Upon entering the spacious swampy hall, go right to avoid the skeletal slugs that will fall from the ceiling onto the player. The door ahead to the south will be locked, so take the path to the west. A Knight of the Golden Dragon Cult will guard the stairs to the top floor. After overcoming this elite foe, ascend the stairs, but be careful of the lightning bolt pressure plate trap at the beginning of the passage.

A small chamber will be sealed by the Ring of Elden Statue of the Devil at the end of the path. The faded pilgrims will need the stone sword key to dispel the seal. Once inside, Elden Ring fans will find the Lightning Scorpion amulet on a corpse just beyond the open stone coffin in the center of the room. If players haven’t killed the Golden Dragon Cult Knight before entering this area, the mob will climb the stairs after them, possibly cornering them in the Talisman Room.