How to Make a Lucky Amulet to Raise Your Rank in Overwatch 2

Amulet for Rank Increase in Overwatch 2 will help you get more luck in matches, get strong teammates and weak opponents. It is important to display on the amulet the character you play most often. If suddenly for some reason you find that the amulet does not work the right way or takes too much time, then you should use Overwatch 2 boosting service, which will help you to boost the rank in the shortest time on any hero.

Materials for making a lucky amulet for Overwatch 2

On the Internet you can find many detailed, but not always reliable video tutorials on making tokens for games. Amateur craftsmen use different tools, devices and materials as raw materials. Having analyzed several master classes on how to make tokens, you can select the most accessible and simple options. For this you will need:

  • aluminum plate;
  • metal scissors;
  • hammer;
  • nail;
  • drill;
  • sandpaper;
  • a chain or string.

Medallions are made of steel or aluminum. Steel products are stronger and more aesthetic, but aluminum ones are softer, so they are better processed at home. Aluminum plates do not bend, are not exposed to corrosion, excellent for a variety of pendants.

First of all, for a token you need to choose a base – a flat plate from which you can cut a blank. Sufficiently a sheet of aluminum thickness of 2 mm. If there is no such a base, you can use the advice of craftsmen on how to make a military badge with their hands, and use an aluminum spoon, pre-aligned on the anvil with a hammer.

How to make a lucky amulet for Overwatch 2

After the preparatory stage is completed, it is necessary to apply the marking of the form on the prepared material. To do this, you can trace a ready-made standard badge or a printed image of the product in its natural size. Then cut out the base with metal scissors and process the edges by sanding both sides of the workpiece.

Pay attention to the inscription – first of all it should contain an image of the hero you play most often. The sketch of the inscription is done in pencil. This will allow you to evenly arrange the information, as well as greatly simplify the engraving process.

Letters and numbers on the aluminum plate should be applied with a small nail acting as a chisel. To create neat elements on the badge, the edge of such a chisel is ground and blunted to the desired thickness. It is important to get the desired thickness of the font, but at the same time not to puncture the token through.

In order to better understand how to make a token with your own hands, you can watch the videos on video channels, read comments and messages from users on specialized forums. And only after that take up the cause yourself. The main thing is not to overdo it, hitting the chisel with a hammer, and do not rush, trying to make the work neat and visually attractive.