The Best Amulets to Use in the Elden Ring Game

In Elden Ring, even the tiniest piece of equipment can turn the tide of battle. Accessories, better known in the game as talismans, are pieces of equipment that enhance certain characteristics. Some enhance your denial of certain types of attacks, while others make the game a lot harder for you by causing enemies to become aggressive or increasing the damage they take. If you want to make your life in the game easier, be sure to pay attention to these talismans.

Great-Jar Arsenal & Arsenal Charms.

There are two mascots in the game that can increase your maximum gear loadout: the Great-Jar Arsenal, which you can get later in the game, and the Arsenal Charm. The Arsenal Amulet can be obtained after killing Godric with Nefeli Lux at your side. Both of these talismans are extremely useful items, as equipping them can allow you to have much better gear and stay with a low to medium weight loadout.

Bull Goat Mascot.

Staggering around in any FromSoftware game can mean death. Which affects how many strokes you can take before you are struck by your balance. The Bull Goat mascot increases your balance by a third. Considering that some bosses in the game have really nasty combinations, an equipped Talisman and a Balance boost can be the saving grace you need in a boss battle.

Large Dragon Shield.

If you are a soft mage, there is a good chance that you will die within a few hits. So having an item to increase your resistance to physical attacks, the type of attack that most enemies in the game use, can save your life. The Great Dragon Ridge Shield does just that, greatly increasing your defense against physical damage.

Green Turtle Talisman.

Stamina is used for evasion, defense, and attack. So, this is one of, if not the most important stamina in the game, depending on your build. Even though stamina charges quickly in the game, if you do nothing, if you are in a boss battle where your enemy is moving at dizzying speed, you will need to recover your stamina more than usual. . Green Turtle Talisman is a fantastic item that speeds up your stamina recovery, allowing you to get back to riding and attacking even faster.

Long-tailed Cat Talisman.

Sometimes you may slip off a platform or perform a jump incorrectly. If you manage to land on something, chances are that the fall will kill you, and this can cause fury. For those who take a lot of fall damage, the long-tailed cat mascot is a great item that gives you immunity to fall damage.

Badge of Radagon.

If you If you are a mage, you need to pick up the Radagone icon, which is found in the Academy of Paradise Lucaria. This item reduces the time it takes to cast spells. This way, you can use spells faster, which is very important for your character if you rely solely on magic. This is a fantastic item, especially in the later stages of the game when you start picking up more powerful spells that take longer to cast.

Shard of Alexander.

Named after one of the lovable characters. in the game, the Alexander Shard greatly increases your skill and attack power. If you use hand-to-hand combat and use the art of war often, this item will be useful in your build.