What is Talismans in Diablo 2 game

Talismans (Charms) – are small magical items, resembling stones, which can give a variety of bonuses to the one who keeps it in his inventory. Charms do not need to be turned on, activated, etc. – They work simply by being in your inventory. If you put charmic on the ground, in a chest or a cube, then the talisman will not give bonuses. Charms come in 3 types: small, medium and large.

Notably, all talismans can only be magical or unique. There are no rare or set talismans, except for Diablo 2 add-ons and mods.

The smaller the talisman, the more preferable it is for use, as talismans take up a lot of space in your inventory. However, some powerful magical properties come only on larger charms.

When using talismans, you need to watch their number, because at one point they can fill the entire inventory. It is necessary to determine the best choice of talismans. It is best to take the most powerful talismans, and weak – throw away. Frequently update the talismans, it is important.

Among the most useful are talismans that give a bonus to:

Health, mana
Collect similar ones, and keep them in your inventory.

It should be noted that the appearance of talismans, do not depend on the parameters of these talismans.

Here are the charms you can see in the game:

Small talismans

Takes up only one square of 1×1. Extremely useful because of their compact properties. Often have such properties as: bonuses to health, mana, elemental damage, resistances. There’s one unique little talisman in the game, the Destroyer.

Medium Talismans.

Occupies an area of 1×2 cells. As a rule, not very useful, having extremely “ordinary” properties. Even big mascots are better. There is one unique medium mascot – Hellfire Torch (torch).

Large mascots.

Occupies 1×3 cells. Useful in that they can find the property +1-2 to the skill tree of the character (randomly). In addition to this, there are other good properties that are found in a bundle. A uniquely large talisman is the Fortune Guide.

As a reminder, appearance has no effect on properties.